Monday, December 29, 2014

joo chiat with theresa

Auntie Theresa visits the kids since she is on leave.

In ten years of visiting us, the kids get less and less cute each time she pops by.

At first Day was the cute one. He let her hold his hand and hug him and he enjoyed going out with her.

Then Day got snooty. Jo became the cute one, and sweetly kissed Auntie Theresa on the cheek on demand. Theresa was thrilled.

Then Jo grew up. Now there’s only Lu left. And even she is growing up.

(By growing up I mean they do not fancy hanging out with my adult friends)

I announced: “Guess who’s coming to visit tomorrow? It’s my friend who is also your good friend!” To which Lu said: “Oh no, I know who it is. Can I not kiss or hug Auntie Theresa?”

(She did. But I wonder when will be the last time.)

Well even if they don’t, they can always be sure they will learn something from Auntie Theresa who by virtue of being a curious journalist (as I explained to the kids) knows lots of interesting things.

* Theresa and kids at a bus stop

She is a purveyor of Good Cheap food and brings us to a Vietnamese joint called Long Phung (which she says used to be a lot more humble), which is part of a Vietnamese enclave in Joo Chiat. None of us even knew that Vietnamese hung out in Joo Chiat, or that the area is somewhat seedy at night.


Then she brings us to a shophouse where popiah skins are hand-made, at Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah and Kueh Pie Tee (95 J oo Chiat Road). It’s a dying trade.

The old man isn’t making any even though the plates are hot, but Theresa asked him to. 


The children are goggle-eyed at how he expertly slings the dough ball (which looks like the gooey slime they play with) onto the hot plate, to create just one perfectly thin popiah skin with crackly edges in seconds which they chew up with glee. It really is delicious.

Well. They got to eat fresh, hot, hand-made popiah skin at least once in their lives. Thanks to their friend, Auntie Theresa!


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