Friday, January 30, 2015

lu and ma

Lu’s a happy camper.

This year, she gets her beloved mama all to herself a lot of the time.

Because Day and Jo are busy bees this year, and because Lu finishes school at 1.30 with no extra activity, she and I spend four whole afternoons a week together. Just the two of us, without Big Two.

The one-on-one luxury is akin to what we used to enjoy when she was small.

We do a lot of chatting. She tells me all about how she's the slowest in her group, and how the teacher makes her stand up in the middle of the class because she can't distinguish between singular and plural, and how she's afraid she will fail her spelling, and how her friends shout at her, while I re-assure, re-assure, re-assure.

She’s more in love with me than ever, I'm increasingly fond of her, and I suppose that mitigates her school misery.



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