Tuesday, February 24, 2015

$4.90 kite

I was assigned to buy a kite to fulfill the family’s kite-flying aspirations so I did, from Giant, the supermarket of choice for cheapskate housewives.

The kite, a thin plastic sheet stretched over satay stick-thin rods, cost $4.90.

Upon my return I was expectedly met with derision all around (except Lulu): You sure or not? This kite looks crap. $4.90? Aiyoh.



Mr Sunny soared straight up taking its full length of string behind it, stayed up and didn't break even when it 'crossed' with other kites. Everyone was pleasantly surprised and I was full of righteous laughter as I watched others struggle with huge expensive tentacled octopuses and whatnot from the expensive kite shop at the Marina Barrage.


* Admiring our kite through the sunglasses which she lifted off my face

Cheap is not always bad, OK. Especially if we’re a bunch of novice kite-flyers who will only be flying the kite once or twice a year. Or less.

* A metre higher!

* Handstand at the Barrage

Anyway. The other thing about the Barrage is it’s got a nice eating place that is cheap (!).


The Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant doesn’t look like much, but it sells tea and coffee for a dollar, canned drinks for $1.50, lime juice for $2, and there is no service charge or GST. Plus it offers a sea view and sea breezes as good as the entire lot of overpriced restaurants at the East Coast stretch, if you get one of a handful of coveted al fresco tables.

Our entire family had a nice meal with drinks (two lime juices and a Coke) for less than $50 and these days, when eating out in Singapore for a family of five costs a bomb, that’s really little.

* The free toilet paper-type tissue slices which so reminded me of cafes in Malaysia

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