Sunday, February 01, 2015

becoming men

The time has come. Day’s peers are becoming men.

In school this year, the Primary 5's have started Sexuality Education talks.

A letter from the school came my way in January, saying that we could opt out if we wanted to. We, like almost everyone else, opted in.

The 11-year-old boys and girls split up and head off to different classrooms where a hapless teacher teaches them about the birds and the bees.

Day comes back home full of giggly stories about the two sessions – taught by a male teacher - he’s had so far, but because he lives with two sisters in a no-holds-barred household, there isn’t much he doesn’t already know. New terminologies perhaps: Menstruation (new term) versus period (already knows).

The trio, however, have always been physiologically small and are slow bloomers. Day is still small and skinny and very much a boy. I doubt he will look or sound manly until much later.

So this is the time when petite, boyish, high-voiced Day hangs out increasingly with tall, lanky, peers with deep voices.

Like childhood friend Kieran who is just a year older but who is now two heads taller (he's taller than me) and speaks in tenor.

* Day on shoulder level

* Kieran (age 11, not yet 12) and Dad (age, er, 39)

His stratospheric growth in the past year has been the subject of much exclamation amongst the adults in our gatherings of late (So fast! So tall! Time flies!). When Day saw Kieran after the year of growth, his face fell: What?? I don’t think he’ll want to play with me anymore.

But the beauty of it is that socially, they’re still on par.

So the boys snap right back into happy play mode.



At a recent birthday party at an indoor playground (the sort which toddlers comfortably scoot around in), both boys, ducking their way through, went at it with the young ones collecting and throwing balls.


Still kids, lah.

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