Wednesday, February 11, 2015

lu’s beloved

Jo fell sick and could not go to school.

The night the fever struck, Lu suddenly realized that Jo would not be able to go to school the next morning.


And she bawled and bawled.

Every time the thought struck her that Jae Jae would not be in school with her, which occurred multiple times in the day, tears flowed anew.


Clutching a tissue, uselessly trying to dry her streaming face, she wailed:

Who's going to comb and tie my hair for me?
Who’s going to hold my hand and walk in to school with me?
Who’s going to eat with me at recess?
Who’s going to buy fishball noodle for me?
How will I know when recess is over? I don’t know!!!
Who will bring me from the canteen to the parade square to line up after recess?
Who is going to kiss my cheek?
Who is going to wave goodbye to me?
Who is going to wait for me at the sibling's place?

On the side, Jo, lying down with a raging fever, wept quietly: I feel so sad to see her crying, mama. Shall I go to school?

Lu has a Show and Tell session coming up. The topic is “My favourite person”.

Well. We all know who she’s going to talk about. It's certainly not her Mummy!

* Once upon a time...


Anonymous said...

Sisterly love. So sweet!

Dee.. said...

aiyo. makes me cry.

Sher said...

so good of u... we were mostly bemused and trying not to laugh, with a furrowed brow the only sign of empathy