Sunday, February 15, 2015

not funny

Day grabs a packet of sugar from the restaurant and as we are walking home, he tears it open and jauntily draws a line of sugar on the road at the entrance of a carpark.

What are you doing, I ask.

Oh I want some ants to be killed, he says.

(I think this is meant to be 11-year-old humour)


Anonymous said...

hello, how did you respond to that? I agree with your title that it isn't funny, and would appreciate any tips as to how to get kids to realise that there is a need to respect life in whatever form it comes in.

Sher said...

wat else could i say but drone on about the value of all life, including that of ants? :)

guess in the overall scheme of things its wat we say and how we respond every day, to things like a worm underfoot (don't step!) or a cockroach... ok i admit the "life is precious" drill doesnt extend t flying cockroaches...

Anonymous said...

This is so ingenious! Love it!