Friday, March 27, 2015

bangkok haul

I made a promise to Jo and I kept it.

After the last disappointment, I said the next time she is asked to take part in a competition, I’ll support her all the way, so she can get her medal.

The opportunity came sooner rather than later, and it (unfortunately) wasn’t in Singapore but in Bangkok. I brought her, and Day, on a might-as-well basis.

The event was the Bangkok Gymnastics (Moose Game) Invitational Meet: Couple of hundred kids from the region gathering in the Thai Canadian Community Sports venue in Bangkok, showing off their routines for two days.


* A very large comfortable gym with upstairs viewing area, cafe and wifi, Day and Lu in foreground

* The participating kids from Day and Jo's gym

How did they do?

Truth be told, I’m not certain.

It wasn’t a competition-competition per se, where everyone slugs it out, is accorded a rank and awarded 1st place, so on and so forth.

Instead, every child was individually evaluated, given a mark upon 10 (like 9.2) and is then declared to have achieved Gold, Silver or Bronze status.


On that basis, Jo who took part in four events got two Golds, a Silver and a Bronze.

* Waiting for her turn to practise

* On the bar, in her $170 (I still can't believe it) competition leotard


Day who took part in six events got six Golds.



I was really very proud of them, silverware be damned, for the hard work and going through all their routines without a wobble.

But it also now leaves me confronting the spectre of inter-sibling rivalry. (Day: Hahahaha you only got two golds I got six!)

I tried very hard to explain that the girl’s and boy’s events were completely different, and that while Day was compared with fewer than 50 boys, Jo was compared against a field of 220 girls. Still. He rained on her parade.

Day the savvy one also noted disapprovingly – But where’s the competition? I’m not competing against anyone what, cheh.

* The girls who competed in Bangkok

* The boys who competed in Bangkok

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