Tuesday, March 10, 2015

happy 2

Waking up to the mobile phone alarm at 630am and cracking my eyes open to glorious light from the kitchen (someone has already switched it on), and wandering out of the bedroom to see Day finishing his breakfast, Jo tying her hair and Lu brushing her teeth, all in uniform. I go back to bed.



Anonymous said...

super duper envious! how do u train them to be like that?

i have to yell at them to wake up, make breakfast for them and even have to feed them sometimes!

Angelyn said...

amazing parenting!!! :)

Sher said...

oh dear don't ever say that! its really got nothing to do with me:

1 - it doesnt always happen. jo for sure will wake up at 6, but sometimes i have to wake day and lu up.

2 - its all because of jo. she din like getting only 30 minutes to get ready for school, i refused to wake up any earlier and told her to suck it up, she decided to DIY and wake up at 6am, once she did it day and lu got envious because she was all ready when they were rushing about.

anon - they learnt to wake up once i shake them, because last time when i gave up and let them sleep for extra 15 minutes they had to rush like MAD consequently.

and breakfast. well. if they dont eat they go to school hungry. i just let it go, cant be bothered to feed.