Friday, March 20, 2015

jo’s 9

Like Lu, Jo does a lot of growing up this year.

Because she’s been streamed into a class of like-minded obedient muggers, she has a lot on her plate. And because she wants everything to be perfect, her day is filled with her slowly and diligently making things, well, perfect.

She is the undisputed boss, the one who demands of her slothful easy-going family members to do things properly. (Day, Lu and I couldn’t care less if something were crooked or dirty)

* That balloon cat has lasted seven years! It deflates, I fold, I re-inflate it with helium for a dollar or two when its party time

Happily, the simple birthday home party thrills her to the max because it has all the ingredients she needs.

A nice cake (another strawberry shortcake-ish type affair).


And delightful presents. One, a book set which she specifically asked for (it’s dangerous and difficult trying to surprise her) and two, a bunny which matches Lu’s. For sure, to please her, all it requires is either something she says she wants, or something which Lulu has.




* Bunjo and Bunlu, according to KK

Her little outing takes her to the Amped Trampoline Park. 

* Going to Bounce

The only blot is when Day calls his friend along – “I don’t want Jun Heng to come to my birthday celebration!” she mutters. But as she mostly bounces around with Lu, it ceases to become an issue.


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