Saturday, March 21, 2015

nicest client

For every two nasty clients, there’s one good one. (Well, approximately)

I put on record, the nicest client I have ever encountered, was during our Birthday week.

I got an e-mail on Tuesday that I had an interview the next day on Wednesday, Lulu’s birthday.

I drew back in horror and scrolled through my e-mails in a panic. Did I get mixed up? Did I lose my marbles again?

It turned out, no. They got mixed up, had forgotten to check in with me on my available dates, had booked the VIP’s time, and the e-mail was to be a reminder.

Dear me. The date could not be changed. A VIP’s time, after all, is far more important than a child’s birthday which surely can be postponed, no?

As sarcastic as I am here, I fully understood and expected, that I would have to do the interview. I did. A freelancer cannot afford to throw her - or her daughter's - weight around.

What I honestly did not expect was that the client – not the VIP who of course had no idea, but the people I was writing for and who had made the scheduling faux pas – would be genuinely apologetic.

The lady-in-charge was really, really sorry. She apologized via e-mail, for spoiling a little girl’s birthday schedule. I said it’s OK. By this time, I felt bad.

Then she asked me what my little girl liked. Ooops. Could they possibly be thinking of getting a gift for Lu? No way. I said, no problem no need! I’m fine! The girl’s fine! Nobody is sore or traumatized for life! 

The next day at the interview, the staff who came along beckoned me to his car after the interview was over. He opened his booth and my jaw dropped. It was a huge package for Lulu. (I ask and I find out that the lady-in-charge has two young children of her own. That's why she understands...)


Oh my. I brought it home and presented it to both Jo and Lu, because while the interview was on Lu’s birthday, both girls were celebrating.


Wow. It was the nicest most functional soft toy we’d ever seen, with holes to stick cold hands in, and a whole fleecy blanket zipped inside.


Funnily enough, it was Day who completely fell in love. He grabbed it, hugged it and steals it from his sisters every night. He’s called it Royce.

* Royce fitting right in with the furniture

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