Wednesday, March 25, 2015


We had an avian guest stay over the March school holidays.

Poppy is a small wild parrot which flew into PK’s house a year ago and refused to leave.


Since PK was going on holiday for a week, PL brought Poppy over from Bishan.

For a week, our house came alive with the sound of tweets and chirps as Poppy merrily filled our days with her chit chat.

True to form, KK and Jo showed themselves to be the animal lovers.

KK unfailing went to his (or her, we don’t really know and neither does PK) to stroke its head after work. He tried to bring Poppy out, but the Tame One preferred to stay in its cage.

Jo, too, loved Poppy to bits. She drew up a Poppy schedule – time to feed, time to change water etc – and remarkably stuck to it.

* Picking out and discarding the husks of Poppy's favourite sunflower seeds everyday from the food bin

Apart from having to occasionally change the newspaper lining the bottom of the cage, I didn’t have to lift a finger for Poppy.

If Jo ever wanted a pet, I think she would be the one I can trust to stick to her commitment.

* Jo giving Poppy its daily head massage

Thankfully, she is also the one wise enough to foresee the long-term implications of having to clean up shit for years. She does not ask for a pet.

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