Monday, April 06, 2015

bird war

What’s with this house and animals? We live next to a road, for goodness sakes, not a nature reserve.

After rats and lizards, I just fought a war with a bird. 

* That's IT

My adversary was a big black bird with a yellow beak. I’m not sure what it is, it could be a crow but KK says crows are far bigger. Maybe a mynah.

It decided that my kitchen was ripe territory.

See, our kitchen set-up is such that it opens to a small balcony – where clothes are hung to dry – and the balcony ends at a grill from floor to ceiling.

That bird must have hopped into the kitchen one day, effortlessly flying through grill through the perennially-open balcony door, and discovered a store of ripe fruits on the table.

Now I like putting fruits on the table and not in the fridge. I like the colours and those fruits – orange papayas, deep red apples, sunny yellow mangoes and bright green pears - make my kitchen look like a nice kitchen.

That bird hollowed out several apples last week.

I pulled down the balcony bamboo blind, effectively cutting off half the sunlight, so that the bird would not fly in.


Today, it drilled through several pears. I don't know how it got in. A blind is no barrier, it seems. Slices of pear which had been on the table were eaten clean, with skins left behind (that blasted bird ate my sliced pear like how we eat sliced oranges).

My papaya was shot through.


On top of that, the bird saw fit to mark its territory and merrily defecate all over the kitchen table, the balcony floor and our clothes.



Often, it bided its time, perched on the grill. Lulu smacked the bamboo blind hard several times. “Go away, stupid bird!” she said. Man, that commando bird refused to retreat.

I am now going to keep my fruits in the fridge and see what happens.


Lysithea said...

My brother literally put a stuffed owl (very realistic looking one) to scare away the birds. My mom said it worked. I don't know ...

G said...

That's a mynah. They're smart and will call their friends over for a meal too. I had a bunch of them who would fly into my home to steal my dog's food. One day, my dog caught the slowest one and ripped it apart. The rest stopped coming after that.

Dee.. said...

we hang old CDs around the pool. a neighbour taught us that cos the bird pecked on him while swimming!

Sher said...

old CDs!? why? is that why i sometimes see shops stringing up old CDs?? hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I think the reflective surface of CD scares them away.

Minty said...

I saw my neighbour put colorful windmills, apparently these work