Sunday, April 12, 2015

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It lasted for about a year or at least several months, when the girls’ imaginations flowed to the tips of their fingers.

They created Finger People and entire Finger Families.

* Adults on fingertips, children on knuckles (because kids are shorter). I also notice Jo's fingers are substantially longer than Lu's

There were couples, children, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, best friends.

Every person had ages, characteristics, a ‘look’, a back story and even Bending skills ala Avatar. Like someone could bend water or air or fire. Sometimes they went to school.

It was how the girls kept themselves occupied literally for hours, in the car, when at home with nothing to do, while waiting, and it was one of those Private activities which they shooed me away from ("Go away, mama!").

But I was fascinated as I never had someone to play with like that in childhood, and the worlds in my mind were never shared, or were as detailed.

They’ve stopped playing with their Finger People now, moved on to other imaginary pursuits. But I’ve very carefully documented it (via a series of slightly frustrating interviews), because it’s one of those things they’ll look back on and say – Oh my God, we did THAT?

* Lovingly documented on the back of an airline puke bag when we were flying back from Penang

* Peppaposka, Sally Tan's old flame, and his new family

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