Friday, April 10, 2015

girls read blog

Now the girls read the blog too.

They utterly love it.

Day still does (hello, poot!) but he only glances at the topmost posts and doesn’t spend too much time on it.

The girls, well. All the issues that I worried about before (taking offence etc) doesn't seem to be happening. They really enjoy reading about themselves.

Anytime they happen to see the blog onscreen, they pore lovingly over the archives together. They squeal when a photo jogs memories of a place they visited when they were very small, when they read about childhood friends they never see anymore, of precious family rituals (which may have become extinct by now!)

* Reading blog together

They titter away and squeal when they see a cute photo.

The other day they went gaga over the one on toddler Day’s emperor palate. They were very tickled by the captions.

Jo hates seeing herself, particularly in her videos. She hates all the wiggly dances and OTT songs she used to sing and considers it a huge embarrassment.

Instead, she raves over Lulu and how she wishes she could go back in time to pinch her baby sister’s cheeks. “Mama!” she scolds. “You should have given birth to Lulu when I was nine years old and not when I was two! I’m more 懂事 (sensible) now, last time I didn’t appreciate her!”

Lulu, if she is alone, sits in silence, smiling and slowly scrolling through the posts with a cheek in her palm.

They also compare Youtube views (shudder) of their videos.

These days when I take a photo, all three of them either smile knowingly at me – Are you going to blog, mama? – or draw back in horror: Don’t blog, mama!

But I think they like me to. There is something about reading back the minutiae of their life which makes life, well, larger than life!

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