Sunday, April 26, 2015

jo’s love notes

When I’m out nights and will only be back after they fall asleep, Jo leaves me love notes to find on my desk.

It’s not the usual kind of love note, though, not the mushy kind kids write to their mummies.

The main reason for the love notes is because her alarm clock is spoilt, and I need to leave my mobile phone (with alarm time set) next to her bedside every night. Because I’m out, the notes are to remind me to put the phone at her side when I return.

(Her waking earlier than me is now a set routine and her wake-up time has gotten earlier. She wakes her siblings, prepares Lu, eats breakfast, brushes teeth, combs hair and wears her uniform before waking me up.)

Typically, her notes detail what time I should wake her up, and why.

* 530am

* And 530am again 

She is very serious about it and even apologizes, see, because she is terrified I will do what I really want to do which is to let her sleep until 630am and forget about the darned homework. She knows I value sleep for them above all things. At her age, I really think it’s crazy to sacrifice sleep for work.

But I do it anyway. It makes her very happy and she would be hopping mad if I set the alarm later. Time to put the 5.30 alarm next to her pillow.

(I ask her why she's changed, from hating to wake up to being the first to do so. She says - I hate being late)


Anonymous said...

hahaha.. fill in the blanks too. That's almost as early on my sat bike rides.
Lets see if she can wake early on holiday ;) Jun

Sher said...

doubt it! without any reason to wake up, she can sleep until noon.

Dee.. said...

such a sensible girl! makes me teary eyes.

Sher said...

she's more sensible than i will ever be. now we see wat happens when she hits her teens...