Thursday, April 16, 2015

juvenile aspiration

Lu has picked her secondary school.

In class today, for some strange reason, talk turns to institutions of higher learning.

When I pick her up after school, she comes bounding over, a light in her eyes: “Mama, I want to go to SOTA!” (School of the Arts)
* She says Saw-ta. Not Soh-ta.

* Lu's school worksheet

Say what?

“Miss Chiam talked about NUS-something and Raffles Girls’ and something else, but I know I want to go to SOTA. I want to do art all day long and not have to do stupid maths.”

Lu is consistent. She makes up her mind quickly and she sticks to it. She’s stayed faithful to her ambition. She’s never said she wanted to be anything else other than an artist.

KK is most skeptical about SOTA. “Sure or not?” he intones.

Well. Father and daughter are consistent in this regard. The dreamer and the pragmatist.

* Lu is so excited to have found the School of her Dreams she draws herself having outdoor education class at SOTA. There's a bird which shit on her head, I don't know why, could be there's a lot of bird shit in our balcony these days


Dee.. said...

I think it is great to have SOTA. In that environment, the students enjoy being in a creative environment and can have the network of friends who has the same interests. When they are confident, they too perform better academically. In SOTA, they do IB. Still need to study. Better pre-empt her. hahaha. Unfortunately, the entry requirement has become higher so they are screening for creative and academically advanced kids. :(

Sher said...

better nafa or lasalle... if she wants to do nothing but art.

i'm hopeful, she mite still change her mind to a school which has kinder admission criteria!

Ondine said...

Tell her SOTA must do Math too. Uncle Dan says so. :)

Sher said...

i will :)