Thursday, April 02, 2015


So what if KK failed so many papers he had to be retained a year in NTU?

He’s very slowly but surely moved, step by step, toward his dream.

The Masters, the Professional Engineer’s certification and now the business – kkgeo (short for KK Geotechnical) – which we registered in July last year, but which only sort of went ‘live’ in March (bank account, email domain) when a worthy opportunity came along for him to take on freelance work.

kkgeo1s (1)
* Here's the logo again, for good measure

Right now he has a foot in two boats. There’s kkgeo, but his old company still wants him. So he splits, four days with his employer, and two days for his own stuff.

I, too, have the privilege of being “Wong Sher Maine, Administrative Support, KK Geo Consulting” (the ‘administrative support’ part really tickles his funny bone).

I have come full circle from the days I used to be his secretary in a committee to organize joint hall orientation activities in NTU. We were 19 and 23. Now we’re 40 and 44.

Then it was just writing minutes. Now it’s about business registration, working out the bank details, getting the logo done, designing name card, designing invoice, choosing a web service provider, chasing for payment.

He makes these requests of me, along with requests for supper snacks of Milo and peanut-butter toast.

Why is it that every time a man steps out on his own, the wife becomes administrative support but it’s never the other way around?

The children know all about kkgeo. Jo zooms straight in to the heart of it: Will you become very rich, papa? Will we be rich?

No, Jo, no.

But what is for certain is that he is much busier. While I actively pushed him toward setting up the business and coming out on his own as early as possible – you’re 44! If not now, then when? Go! Go! Go! - I did not quite anticipate that he’d be gone Saturdays as well.

(He has to ‘clock’ time at the other employer’s)

So the kids are all mine on Saturdays too.

I’m not sure I like it. I think he'll get busier. But oh well. All for the sake of a dream. 

* Saturday on the bus


Minty said...

Didnt know you are from ntu too! I was staying in hall 6 and hall 2 for a while though not active in the activities as I stayed over for a semester or 2.

Sher said...

yup. hall 5 for four full years..

rachel said...

i know what you mean: the hubs left nie after 8+ years and is now freelance consultant. While i am not the office admin, he has sort of become the house-husband. :)

Sher said...

helo rachel! isaac's mum right?? good to know he's now a freelance consultant! house husband means he does housework?

Anonymous said...

Haaa sorry to interrupt but omg I'm a first-year student currently living in hall 5! The "goldfish tank" is horrible (the noise and the dust) but thankfully it's under renovation now! :P

Sher said...

omg how old r u? why is a 1st yr uni student reading an auntie blog?

its under renovation?! i must go see it when i can. its like our courtship place. kk in orange block, me in green...

Anonymous said...

I went back to uni late! So I'm ummm 24 but I've been reading since ... your Aussie days hahaha. Must be an odd demographic of your blog reader.

Yes yes! You should hurry back because green and orange will be under renovation after exams, which is around May? :p also a coincidence that im in green (block 31) now zzzz.

The other two blocks have already been renovated so we will live there from Aug onwards. WITH AIRCON!

Anonymous said...

Not spam, what Hall 5 looks like ..?

1) Changes to facade, tis' the multipurposehall ... with blocks 28 and 30 under renovation behind.

2) View of front porch.

P/S: The last day for current residents to move out is May 17, before they start work on green+orange.

Sher said...

yes ur the odd demographic...

glad they're renovating hall 5. wasnt new when i lived there and it's been over 20 years man.