Tuesday, April 14, 2015

out on his own

(All pictures taken from Day's Whatsapp messages)

A milestones of sorts, it was about a fortnight ago that the first-born made a ‘date’ with his friends and went out on his own, phone in hand, because I said he needed to Whatsapp me pictures so I would feel assured and let him out in future.

I need to know I can trust him and that he’s well and safe, at least for now when he’s still 10.

He strode out of the house early morning with some cash in hand and walked to their meeting place about 20 minutes away, alone. He later tells me he was 45 minutes early, the first one there. He was that eager to keep some cool company (versus his boring old family).


By the looks of things the boys played a hearty morning of soccer before indulging in some junk. Plenty of small HDB void deck shops around which sell the likes of bubble tea, chicken chop, fries; anything deep-fried, unhealthy and (fake) cheesy which spells heaven to the kids.

* Day's lunch

After which he decided to follow his friend home.

The bird flies further from the nest… 


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