Saturday, April 04, 2015

parenting workshop

Nope, it’s not the kind of parenting workshop where we learn to be better parents.


It’s the kind of workshop where we parents learn how to do our kid’s work so we can teach them at home. (Hey! Which arguably makes us better parents too, no?)

I’ve had to attend a couple of these things which the school nicely organizes for us, so instead of lying in on Saturday morning I troop to school for a 9am lecture by hapless teachers who also sacrifice their Saturday mornings to face a bunch of clueless, sometimes frustrated parents.

Subjects: Maths and Chinese for Primary 5, which both seem to be perennial bugbears.

The Chinese teacher cheerfully and optimistically brings us parents through the usual P5 Achilles heel - Comprehension passages. She exhorts: 难! 难! 真的不难!(not difficult at all!)

The Maths teachers take turns to each tackle one question, and there is a lot of furrowed brows all around.

“I give up”, says Mum on my Left, throwing down her pen. “I hope his father can understand”. Mum on my Right struggles valiantly to use algebra instead of the weird boxes she is supposed to draw, but wow, she can’t get the answer even with her X’s and Y’s.

Happily, the few Primary 5 kids who are in the audience are all able to ace the questions. (But apparently that’s because the questions were dumbed down for the hapless parents. Just so we can get the rudiments of The Model Method, see)

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