Saturday, April 18, 2015

psle aggregate preview

A teacher mum I meet with four children and a decided sense of direction in life for her offspring talks to me about the PSLE. It is a conversation where most of the time I go "oh dear" or “is it?” or “Oh my I didn’t know that!” so there’s no need to reflect my ums and ahs.

“You know boys don’t respond well when you just tell them, do your best? Or do well, right?

They need to be shown facts and figures. They need to have something concrete to aim for.

Does he know which school he wants to go to? No? Well, he should. Then he will know what is the cut-off point to get into the school.

You can get a rough idea of the kind of aggregate he might be scoring now. In his recent exams, take 75 percent of his mark for each subject and add them together, so you get a total upon 300.

Of course the weightage is not so clear-cut in reality, and there are other factors, but it gives you a rough idea. So if he wanted to get into a school with a cut-off of 260, he would have to score at least 87 percent for each subject.”

(at which point Day’s jaw just dropped)

Anyway, Day did just that calculation for his recent Term 1 tests. His aggregate was 220.

We both laughed our heads off. But er, good advice overall. I think he got the idea.


Anonymous said...

Ha.. Well done, that's what KF Jun got.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this information with everyone.

Sher said...

eh u got 220 meh? i thot it was worse ahahahaha.

anyway. we all know PSLE aggregates don't make any difference in the long run. only for short-term confidence haha.

Anonymous said...

Worse meh? But definitely 22 for O-level. Not sure for how many subjects though...haha