Friday, April 24, 2015

mandai site

We hop along to check out KK’s ‘freelance’ gig to see where he disappears to every Saturday.  It’s a container in a corner of Singapore most people have never seen.


* The ubiquitous site stray

It reminds me of when he was in another container doing Gardens by the Bay, and we used to visit every so often (The Gardens container was much nicer though, it had faux wood floors).

This time, he’s helping to build a train depot out in Mandai. A depot is a place where the trains park and get their health checks when they’re not running.


The room – a white-walled square with a table and two chairs – is dreadfully blah and the girls and I chomp at the bit to do it up. Flowers? Soft toys? Photos? KK puts us down: Please lah. Don’t.

Otherwise, they all head toward the vending machine as the most attractive thing onsite.

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