Monday, April 20, 2015

wet toilets

The kids, girls in particular, have this thing against stepping with their bare feet on wet toilet floors, especially dirty ones. Jo squeals when she sees me doing so.

(I had the aversion too, as a child, but life has forced me to outgrow this one.)

At home, they use clogs, my best buy from a market stall in Ipoh where an old man and his wife squat daily making their clogs by hand. I bought the clogs because they were pretty but its turned to be highly functional.


Elsewhere, well. I just discover to my horror that at their Tata and Nene’s place, they prefer the indignity of using a potty (at their age!) to the disgust of stepping on the wet toilet floor. Clearly they do not clear their potty as that implies having to step into the toilet to pour away the contents.


And they never do a big one there.

I yelled my head off and made them all go into the toilet to step on the floor. 

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