Saturday, May 30, 2015


We go to another Open House (last one, I think we’ve had enough this time around) and this one is a better fit.


Day desperately wants to go to this all-boy’s school although, again, he’ll have to work very hard, or be very lucky.

When I go to an Open House, I don’t attend Principal’s talks or look at the curriculum. Most times I don't even know what they offer.

My primary objective is to talk to the students.

Are they confident? Can they keep a conversation going? Do they look happy? Are they likeable? (because chances are, Day might become like them)

While it’s true that I might not be getting an accurate picture since I can only talk to so many, and maybe those are ‘pre-selected’, I think it gives a very grounded flavor of the school.

I mean, what better way is there to gauge the school, than through the students who benefit from its approach and programmes every day?

On this front, I was thoroughly impressed. I really like the boys here, so different from the boys in the first school we went to.

Those that we talked to, were very smiley. At one point, after talking to a particularly sunny boy, Jo whispered to me – Why are they all so happy?

Some, I didn’t approach. Instead, they approached me, in all their enthusiasm, to tell me about their after-school activities.

One particular group scored a huge point with me because they were really trying to sell their activity. Eloquently.

  • Boy (he looks about 15): I really hope to see your son join our group if he comes in!
  • Me: Oh well, first of all he has to qualify for this school, and that won’t be easy, right?
  • Boy: Oh no, I’m sure he can do it! He looks very intelligent, he will definitely be able to come in!
Like I said. They know what to say. There seems to be a bit more life and happiness in them.

And I think, for once, Day cracked a smile.



rachel said...

i attended one open house last year. at sst. i did the same thing - talked to the kids instead of attending the talks. the few i talked to impressed me with their eloquence and confidence. even the one i felt was a little shy managed to warm up and chat, so i have hope...

...until the boy came home with his mid-year results.

Sher said...

wats SST??

rachel said...

school of science and tech, near dover mrt.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sher! I've just spent an hour reading your blog :) Long time no see lah. Is D in P6 now? Or P5? When do they need to attend these open houses? June

Sher said...

oooi! r u still blogging or not???

D is in P5 now. They don't actually NEED to attend the open houses. If you want to go you have to sort of keep a lookout, for website announcements or banners (if you pass by). i guess u cld also call or email the school ur keen on to keep you on mailing list?

anyway i think it benefited day because he has seen, and he wants to go. i'm planning to bring him to a few more schools with kinder PSLE cut offs, lest he cannot make it (haha).

Anonymous said...

Oooh okay i thought there'd be no need to worry about all this until the kid is in P6. now i know thank you! have stopped blogging there, no time, and i am v shy about showing pix of us. will be starting new anonymous one with no people pix… errrrr soon. June

Sher said...

ya can do in P6 but since i encountered the banner i thot mite as well. i'm so lazy i wont go and find out when these open houses are.

aiya i love your photos!