Sunday, May 10, 2015

mama’s day

It’s all sweetness and light on Mother’s Day as the girls fall over themselves trying to please me (Day does the washing).

They learn a song about mummies off Youtube and sing it to me when I wake up, only they don’t know I woke up much earlier and was trying not to laugh when they were rehearsing in front of the only computer in the house, in my room.

They make me a palm-sized medallion with our remainder shrink plastic which I of course loop over my head and wear all day, to their chagrin. “But aren’t you embarrassed mama?” they chime. I say, "Didn't you make this for me to wear? Anyway I’m too old to care about what people think. And no one else has this. It's exclusive.”

* Me and the girls. No brother

The zinger, however, came courtesy of Lu. She and Jo make me cards. Hers is all done up rather shakily in her left-hand writing.



She writes:

Mama, all these years you have been taking care of me. I really thought that you could enjoy your life. Are you enjoying it? Don’t think so. That’s why I am here to love you.

The zinger is that I really am down, due to a terrible Goat Year which has left me wrung out (of energy) and high and dry (of cash). Could she tell? (I also hope she'll write me the same card when I'm about 60)

This Sunday, I try to forget all about that and soak in the sweetness and light.

Mother’s Day is a timely reminder of where my priorities lie and where I should spend my time, forget the professional satisfaction. Because there are so many musicians and writers around, but only one mum for them. And when I'm not there for them, I don't enjoy my life.

* Joker, cutie pie and sweetie pie


Anonymous said...

Ask them who's best uncle..ha

Sher said...

no uncle's day..
anyway u might be surprised, it mite not be u. haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shimian

What pig year? I thought it is year of the goat?
I am also getting stressed out from getting people to pay decently and pay ontime while hearing from my friends about how people expect freebies.


Sher said...

argh ur right. corrected!

i'm getting sick of pp gasping in horror when i tell them what I'm paid, not bec its obscenely high but the other end.