Sunday, May 24, 2015


Since boys apparently like to be concrete about things, I thought I’d bring Day for an Open House. This is where schools open their gates to strangers who will come in to see if the school is to their liking.

Which school did we go to? We weren’t realistic in the least.

For one, I had to ‘book tickets’ (yes I had to book tickets although its free to go for the Open House) before Day’s exam results were released when we were still hopeful. Two, I thought if he liked it, he might be motivated to aim high. Three, as we’ve always settled and made the best of things, it might be timely to see what the best is like. Four, the school is a short walk from Liyen’s, we could go over and see the baby after the Open House.

So we went.

* School mascot!

We had loads of fun at the school canteen (nice food!) and playing around the school. I think we hung around a couple of hours.


But apart from that, Day felt like a total mistfit. By and large, it was like we were visiting a museum gazing at things which are beyond reach.

There was our ‘tour guide’, a 15-year-old who carefully went through his tour spiel with dead seriousness as he led us around. I tried to chat him up, you know, be all friendly-like.
  • What do you specialize in? Oh, music elective.
  • Do you like the school? Yeah sure. It’s a good school.
  • Are you in the IP programme? Oh yes, all of us are, we are all aiming for the A levels. Its only those who don’t do so well who are asked to do the O levels. There aren’t many of them.
  • What is the aggregate needed to get in here? It's about 250-something, but my year it was quite high. I got 269.
Gulp. That was when we adjourned to the canteen to enjoy the food because we’ll probably never step in here again.

Day also tried out a ‘classroom experience’. 

* Day: "Do I have to go?" Me: "Just try lor, since they don't have enough boys to fill up the class."

Where he gets a taste of learning using top-notch technology in an actual classroom with an real teacher. 

* Waiting for Day

But it wasn’t the tech which he remembered.

He emerged a bit pale, after 30 minutes of attending a Geography class on the impact of earthquakes, with the other 12-year-olds who may be vying for a place in the school next year: "Mama they all wear specs. They’re all so smart. They answer the teacher with words like ‘In contrast to..’ and ‘to the extent of…’ Er, I was bit bored. And I feel stupid."

Yup. Misfit. 

It also so happens that all his primary school friends abhor this particular school. They have all sorts of notions about the boys there being arrogant and self-serving, developed from God-knows-where. Their parents, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Nice purple cast. Better make sure she gets her calcium and ready for Jun

Anonymous said...

SChool of Science and Technology is having open house this Sat. :)

Day said...

I don't think day has a clear bent for science and tech...