Monday, May 18, 2015

results back

Monday, all the children from the kids’ school returned home to face the music. For some it was sweet, for others it was jarring.

As I picked them up from school, I could hear parents around me, asking: "Did you get any results back? How was it?" I wonder, what goes on in thousands of households around Singapore when results are released?

Lu, for her Primary 1 year, she had an exam too although it’s not called that (bad connotations for aren’t schools supposed to be moving away from exams?). I think it’s called holistic assessment or some such other idiotic diplomatic term. She, more than her brother her sister, feels the pressure because their school is moving toward, er, assessment and results. Poor girl. I don’t care, but how can she not when she miserably tells all her friends are doing better than her and whatnot? Never mind. I’m proud that she completed all her exams with her left hand.

Jo, is thriving in school - results-wise - in her dogged, diligent, head-in-the-books manner. I realize she didn’t even have the issues which Day faced at the start of P3. She just launched into it, seemed to decide that she wanted to do very well, and made sure it happened. (Like when they went into multiplication, she actually studied and memorised multiplication tables before bed every night which was so cool!) Her success is entirely hers, including for Chinese. She makes life difficult for herself, but very easy for me. 

* KK brings her out for a nice meal

Day, is at an all-time low. Based on his latest ‘aggregate’, he has calculated that he is on his way to Queenstown Secondary (KK yells, 'It's very far away you better travel there on your own!'), and this time nobody is laughing. We're officially in the (sickening) grip of the PSLE!

* Erm. In a happy moment. I can well imagine himself saying (and he does) - "Aiya so what? Results are not everything in life! I'm healthy that's all that matters!" (well its true but HE shouldn't be saying or feeling it. HE should be stressed while I quietly count my blessings)


Anonymous said...

Day and KK are hilarious!

Do you have a soft spot for Lu? In time to come, a bit of pushing would probably do her some good :)

Sher said...

i've been consistent with all 3 of them in that i dont push at all, not in lower primary. yes she might benefit from some pushing... i dunno.

Anonymous said...

I think its really cool you leave the kids to "decide" what results they want to achieve in school. Its pretty much how our parents did it last time. I think its good coz afterall, we cant "live" their lives for them. As long they realise the consequences of their own actions and efforts, that's what matters most! ( at least to me and the lesson I want to pass on to my kids) :)


Sher said...

it may be cool but at this point i am still not sure if its the wisest thing to do..

rachel said...

i am in the tiger mom mood.
not the full-fledge screamy hysterical mode, but isaac's barely-pass chinese marks made me break out in cold sweat. doesn't help that his math also sucked big time this semester.
the only comfort is his english and science, both in which he did well.
but i am on the war path this june hols. sigh.

Dee.. said...

I want to be like you! but not sure if I have the courage. : |

Sher said...

rachel, sometimes i think, why do we care? (haha)
when they're 40 with families and probably OK jobs (having 'wised up' post-NS), we'll wonder what all the fuss was all about...

Anonymous said...

aww. anw lu could have gotten a doctor's letter for extra time for her exams!
haha i was kinda like jo. but as i grew up i learnt it was not wise to be too perfectionistic, could get too depressing. but anyway for now, just support her all the way, i think all kids like parents to support their good efforts. :)
-young Dr

Anonymous said...

I too wonder if its wise to leave my kids to push themselves academically wise (my 2 won't. They are quite like david). I only nag like a broken recorder to remind them to finish their work, learn spellings and remind them why they have to try to get good grades but the efforts are half hearted and inconsistent on my part. It largely depends on how busy i am. i will get minor heart attacks when i see their report books but i couldnt muster enough effort to push them since i also share your thoughts on if they are at our current age, primary school results probably are not that important in the larger scheme of things. But then again, it might be because while my kids are not the best, they are still coping "averagely" well. Haha


Sher said...

young dr - well, look, u became a doctor!!!!

kc - yup. for all i say about letting them forge their own destiny, i'm just plain lazy..