Saturday, May 02, 2015

sacac again

A few differences between last year (when Day attended for the first time this gym competition at the Singapore American School) and this year.

Pappy’s Not Around

After last year’s boredom, KK doesn’t come this time. Lulu and I are Day and Jo’s cheerleading team. Lu however is a wet blanket and she covers her face whenever I bellow WOOHOO or shriek “Go Day, Go Jo!”

She hisses, “Can you KEEP QUIET, mama, you’re embarrassing us.” Of course I don’t listen to her. I’m there to cheer, man.

* Mama! Stop it!

Jo in the Sun

Its Jo’s first time at SACAC. After two gym competitions, I think she finally realizes that competition can be alright. She doesn’t get panicky when she doesn’t win, and she doesn’t get embarrassed when she does. She has come a mile from her competition-phobic days and I feel like that's one big item I can tick on my To Do List for her.


(Her main concern is this: I think my legs are the biggest in the gym, mama. Why are my legs so fat?)

Lu’s Gym Picnic

We are very much more clever this year.

I now know that 'supporting' my children means I have to wait a lot.

I go to the gym with a big bag of food and junk (bread and chips), a blanket and Lu packs an entertainment pack because we know we’ll mainly be passing the time in a very cold place, occasionally looking up to see Day and Jo then passing time once more.


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