Thursday, May 14, 2015


Everytime I wear a Makeup Mask, it’s for a music gig.

These days it isn’t enough for classical musicians to have spent years and years perfecting their craft, honing their musicality. No, they must look good too. (parents take note. Unless you want your music-learning offspring to just, er, teach in which case it doesn’t matter)

I used to get the odd request when I started gigging over 20 years ago: Could you supply four ladies for this string quartet? Can they be pretty too?

And I used to swell in indignation. I always turned all these gigs down. All of them. I was too righteous with too prim a sensibility to want to play for a bunch of ogling lechers.

If I had an iota of entrepreneurial spirit, I would have stripped down slapped on the war paint and got three other nubile young things to jump into the scene with me.

Because now these pretty young girl groups are all the rage. With the full works and playing to thumping pop rock on electric instruments, they get paid a lot more than the pasty-faced, make-up less, limp-haired members of a standard string quartet. It’s all about the entertainment these days. (it doesn't help that the pretty girls are usually very very competent players too, those that I know anyway)

I’m 40 and past it. Even when I was 20 I think I was past it.

But the other night I get asked to play at one of these pseudo pop-rock gigs. I’m honoured, someone thinks I can still act cute. Why not?

For the first time in my life I play on an electric violin. It’s blue and quite nice because I don't have to strain to play loudly. All I need to do is press ON.



We play stuff like Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life, Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child of Mine to a polite expat crowd dining in an airplane hangar.

* (L-R) Drummer, cellist, violist and 2 violinists


Anonymous said...

That's a nice Very funky. Jun

Karmeleon said...

You look v good!

That looks like Oh Han Ling

Day said...

Yup, very old friend

Karmeleon said...

I think I'd watched his group play that same repertoire before. hahah. My youngest was quite distressed over it. Covering his ears and all - saying it's too noisy, truly tolerating it until it all ended.

Anonymous said...

And also the singers in the corporate functions and the country clubs to be on standby to sing anything that the guests ask for ....


Sher said...

your youngest is an old, mature soul :)

Dee.. said...

so glad for you that you get to go out there!