Monday, June 29, 2015

baby season

Suddenly we’re surrounded by newborns. From where we are, it seems a bumper year for babies.

There’s Xueying with her first-born daughter Kei An.


And Bliss (Riley's mum) with her squishy third son, Ryden, who was born at home!


I always used to wonder why women would want to have babies when their children are grown up. The ones who have children aged 2 and 15, or 5 and 17. Where the gap is huge.

Now, I think maybe I understand why.

When I see newborns now, I feel a yearning. I think it’s because the youngest has outgrown all babyish-ness and the other two are fast growing into teenhood. There really isn’t anyone who’s cute at home anymore. And because I’ve seen through three, I know what it entails, more or less.

I just find babies cuter than EVER.

Well. Now that I recognise that, I will of course tamp down the temptation, although the kids (still) go on about how they’d love to have a baby in the house.

I look to Jody and say, I can’t wait to carry your baby. (she says, however, she will only have one child because she wants to lavish all her money and love on that one. She says - I will make sure my child has a new school bag and stationary at the start of every year.)

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