Tuesday, June 02, 2015

cast off


The friendly man who made Lulu cry three weeks back – he was ‘shaping’ and ‘massaging’ her still-painful arm to fit nicely into the purple fiberglass cast – took a saw to the cast today. Yes, the same man attended to us.

It’s time to take off the cast. Finally.

* Saw

* Pry open 

The nice Filipino doctor pronounced that her bone had healed beautifully: “See the white patch there? That’s the new bone! These young ones really heal very fast!”

* Then. The mouse is hovering over the crack which looks terribly small and miniscule but which caused her so much pain

* Today

The skin under the cast was unexpectedly dark with what looked to be grime and dead skin which is sloughing off. And Lulu is complaining of pain in her elbow because it hasn’t been straightened in ages. She still prefers to write and do things with her left arm.

* Her very neat left-handed writing

The good thing about the cast, however, is that her inner elbow eczema is for the moment entirely gone because she hasn’t been able to scratch it for a month. And I supposed she's had some right-brain training.

Total cost (3 visits including A&E): About $300 and 12 man hours (mine). Not letting her on a monkey bar again.

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