Saturday, June 27, 2015


By and large I don’t think the kids are particularly polite. Inculcating graciousness is very much work in progress.

So when a stranger at a restaurant taps me on the shoulder to tell me – Your kids are so NICE! – I am honestly surprised.

It seems they held open a door for her while they were at the toilet. Or something to that effect. I’m not sure what else transpired.

She beams at me, her entire table beams at me (because she must have told her friends) and my heart warms. It’s nice to have kids whom other people think are nice.

I tell her very truthfully – "I’m glad they’re nice to you! But they’re not very nice to me." She laughs her head off.

Day sighs and tells me later, do you always have to be so frank, mama?

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rachel said...

when i go for ptm i always ask the teacher: are we talking about the same child?!
reckon they behave very differently with others than with us. so long as they are polite to others, i can take the occasional smartassness from the boy. :)