Wednesday, June 03, 2015


Random holiday snaps.

What better thing to do on hot days than to swim?


The girls and I (Day is at a school camp where he is apparently swimming through and putting his head into a muddy river) head to one of my favourite swimming pools. It’s the one I first learnt how to swim in and which has remained unchanged in nearly 40 years. It still charges a very reasonable $1 per adult and 50 cents per kid for entry.

The girls swim to their heart’s content, until their fingers are prune-y.



While I go around and take some shots of the old pool. In Singapore, you never know. I think its a good habit to take photos of old places. They may just decide that since everyone has pools in their house or condo, public pools are passe, and old ones like these should be done away with pronto because maintaining a not-very-well-used public pool is a waste of taxpayer's money.

* The distinctive look of the pool complete with that huge round thing in the foreground (never knew what it was for)

* I see a ghost of myself aged seven, post-shower, running up the steps to very crowded tables and chairs where everyone is munching on bouncy hot fishballs and chicken wings

* That old clock hasn't changed


Anonymous said...

Where the shop? Probably not profitable anymore.
I'll be having the lo mai kai. Jun

Anonymous said...

Is it Tpy swimming pool? I remember the fishballs and chicken wings too. Haha


Sher said...

wat shop? this is bedok swimming pool la. jun dont u remember? food hasnt been sold there for YEARS.

think mebbe when i first brought day there got fishball. and mebbe fries. but it wasn't hot. perhaps turnover not so fast. its just a dead space now.

Mummy Ghin said...

I would always have my plate of mee Siam after a swim there. Brings back memories!

Sher said...

mee siam!!! i forgot that one!

Anonymous said...

I think the bedok swimming pool is due to change. When they get that whole bedok sports hub thing built...It's good that you have taken your photos then!