Thursday, June 11, 2015


Why Melbourne?

One of the kids – it might have been Lu – said one day, I want to see snow.

We've never had a cold holiday. Not a truly cold one with snow.

It's always seemed extravagant. Cold implies having to pay to travel far. It means having to spend money on a lot of puffy and wooly apparel which will be untouched in Singapore. It potentially means more spent on food because people eat more when they are cold (yeah I think like that).

But then Jun has spoken about skiing around Melbourne, Australia often enough. Because he talked about it, and because he's done it, a snow holiday sounded accessible and do-able and it'd be a different experience altogether.

So I said, let's do snow. Out of 10 days in Melbourne, we spend three days up the mountain in Falls Creek, about five hours away from Melbourne city.


It’s early in the season. It's so early we are the first to check into the lodge which is completely empty, there are few people arounds, and while we are there we are subject to freezing rain rather than cold.

* Rain-slick streets that during peak period is a road of snow. The entire road is usually ours, no one else around

There is a reason for that: Everything is cheaper because the snow might not have fallen and we wanted to save some dollars.

But thankfully, higher up the mountain, some snow did fall early this year. They saw what they wanted to see, did what they wanted to do.


* Snowball fight. Boy versus girls.

* Mega ball with Day's name on it

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