Thursday, July 23, 2015

1&3 synchronicity

There is a certain harmony between Day and Lu.

They take things easy. To incomplete homework, they both say Heck. They are by nature early sleepers and early risers. They both love watching any sort of screen. They sleep together. Day has staked his claim on half of Lu’s bed and in return he reads Chinese stories to her.


Of late, their latest craze is Finding Hidden Objects.


These are worksheets which I print out by the dozen for them and which they help each other to complete.


They flop on the living room floor finding their hidden objects while Jo gives them the evil eye from the piano bench where she is hammering away on the piano or sawing away on the erhu, or from the table where she is angst-ing over her homework.

I ask her, why don’t you try finding some hidden objects, Jo? It’s fun!

I have no time, she retorts grumpily.

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