Monday, July 13, 2015

craft of the day

We’ve discovered a bloody craft. As in, blood has flowed.

The innocuous $2 packets of colourful wool balls and promised final results (fluffy blue birds) caught Lu’s eye at Daiso. She had to have it.

It’s $2 per pack, what can I say?

We brought it home, with no idea of what to do.

I Youtubed it. It’s the most amazing craft.


You stab at a shapeless skein of wool with a needle multiple times and it miraculously takes shape! It turns into balls and ears and noses which are ‘poked’ together to make the sweetest little pet blobs!

* 'Sticking' the beak to the penguin. Yes it's supposed to be a penguin

It’s called Needle Felting. Where’s the science in that? I completely didn’t get how it worked. What is the needle doing in the wool to make it stick together?

Anyway. I didn’t understand it, but we soon got the hang of how to poke, me apparently being the best poker of all.

Lu keeps bringing me little bits of wool to shape and I end up doing the entire thing.

We’ve all stabbed ourselves a few times too.


But those blobs are really adorable.

* The lined palm is most distracting but it's meant to give a sense of scale

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