Saturday, July 11, 2015

dish of resort

There’s a Dish of Resort which I rely on whenever I am busy.

(As it turns out, the good times haven’t returned and I am still mired in work.)

This particular dish has evolved to becoming the Dish of Resort because the kids have just grown to like it very much.

They might have turned their noses up at it once upon a time, but when Mum keeps trotting it out, they now welcome it. I think they eat it at least once a week, maybe more. (perhaps this also explains why they are so thin!)

It’s the simplest humblest plainest dish of white rice boiled in water with minced pork and cabbage, without any seasoning. I cook it because it has carbohydrates, protein and vegetable (really). I also love cooking it because the only thing I have to do is swing by the supermarket to get a pack of minced pork and cabbage, then chop up the cabbage. The rest is wash and pour.


What makes it sing is the huge pile of preserved olives which they dump on top and mix in.

I remember once interviewing an old man staying in a one-room rental flat, relying on public assistance funds to get by, and when he cheerfully opened his cupboard to show me jar after jar of preserved olives which he puts into white rice porridge (the olives which come in a jar are really cheap), I thought – Poor Thing.

Well! It’s now our Family Delicacy!


Sandy said...

Preserved olives n leaves: best w plain porridge!

Sandy said...
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Sher said...

yeah its simple cheap and tasty!