Friday, July 03, 2015


As much as I love music and the violin, I don’t have the slightest desire to push any of the children to take up a second instrument.

If it happens, it would be because they want to (nope, no one wants to) or through circumstance.

Jo has been assigned to learn the erhu in the school Chinese Orchestra, an instrument which is the violin equivalent in the world of Chinese music.


It wasn’t her first choice. After she had been asked to list out three preferences and after I took her through loads of Youtube videos, she wanted to learn the pipa or the ruan. Erhu was her third choice, which KK disapproved of because he said ‘it’s an instrument which old men use to play sad music’.

Anyway. She ended up with it.

Happily (maybe not), practice is lackadaisical and she hasn’t beyond playing six notes in six months. This, perhaps, could be termed ‘giving the child time to develop instead of pushing them’!


Karmeleon said...

Her posture looks fairly good. Bowhold not too bad too? But then I'm no expert. hahahhahhaha.

My no.3 plays the erhu. Finished diploma already. you want teacher? heheh - zero experience.

Karmeleon said...
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Sher said...

ooh i'll let u know!

Karmeleon said...

I keep asking him to try teaching his 6yo brother, but well, 6yo brother has no motivation to. hahahha.

Chinese instrumental fees are quite reasonable in price anyway compared to western orchestral instruments.

Anonymous said...

Hi sher, just popping in to say hi!
so nice to be back being a silent lurker in your blog. I hear you in many of your posts abt Day. My boy's coming 10, many similarities too.
awesome XYO performance on sunday! i spotted una and my bro (who sits near you i think) but i didn't see you.
shizue (ex-SYO)

Sher said...

hey!!!! how come u never play!!!! i've really enjoyed sitting with your brother, we sat with each other quite a few times in the early rehearsals, until ms goh started moving us around... din even know he was your brother. NEVER knew you had a brother in SYO!

Anonymous said...

I've long "retired" from the violin, sad to say. Can't deny the strong nostalgic emotions when i sat at VCH that night watching and listening to u all. My bro was not in SYO during our time i think. Different batch. Oh correction, i did see u when Ms Goh spoke about the book. :)