Friday, July 31, 2015

first ne show

(Photos from Day's mobile)

All the Primary 5-ers get to attend a National Day Parade rehearsal (although on paper its called a National Education show or NE show). 

Day NE
* Day's selfie

I think its a National Education thing which applies to all 11-year-olds across Singapore. Get them to watch a parade and feel the luuurve...

Day gets his chance, and in the SG50 year too!

Day NE3

On a Saturday, he met up with all his friends in school on a blistering hot day at about 3pm and they were bussed to the Padang where they feasted on KFC meals.

Day NE1

Post-parade, he was bussed back to school and he walked back home with fun pack in tow.

These days he’s a boy of few words – so typical - so I don’t actually know what he felt about the whole thing. He took a few photos. From what I gather, he really enjoyed the airborne stuff (planes, helis) and army displays. On the actual show itself, he didn’t say anything.

Day NE2

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