Friday, July 17, 2015

movie shock

We still do our movie nights. There’s a lot less pomp and pageantry. No one takes out the mat anymore and no one really bothers to clean up the living room to make it a “movie theatre”.

But the essence is there: Watch a movie, eat chips, drink green tea.

The hardest part is getting a suitable movie. It’s really hard finding a Family Movie every week that would entertain all five of us. The responsibility inevitably falls on me. Sometimes I browse the shop and stumble on something which looks fine. Sometimes I draw inspiration from what I watched before, and would want to share with the kids.

The other night I borrowed Billy Elliot. What I remember of it, was that it was an uplifting movie about a boy who danced his way out of the doldrums against his father’s wishes.

Post-movie, it just confirms that I have a very, very, very Poor Memory.

The F-word is stated, shouted, yelled, 44 times, and its all there in its subtitled glory for the kids to read. (How I know the number now is because I googled the script) Like so:

Listen, son, from now on you can forget about the f*&king ballet. You can forget about the f*&king boxing as well.

There’s talk of sex. Like so:

Why do they sleep in separate beds? So they can’t have sex.

Billy’s best friend also dresses in his sister’s clothes and fancies him.

Oh man. What do I do?

We watched right through and I tried to muffle my horror as I apologetically looked toward KK. KK, cool as a cucumber, finished the movie with the kids who were spell-bound, I hope for the right reasons.

Why did I think it was rated PG?


Mummy Ghin said...

I love that movie too! Love it so much that I've conveniently forgotten its coarse language and inappropriate content for our young ones too. Thanks for the reminder!

Sher said...

ya lor! i forgot about all that!