Monday, July 27, 2015

new overpass

I finally manage to snatch more than five hours of sleep at night (11, to be precise) and I wake up feeling like a whole new woman. Forty-year-olds really cannot afford to burn the midnight oil.

Energized and on high, I marshal the kids to try out a new overpass leading from our stretch of the beach to the Gardens by the Bay, an overpass which had seemed to take forever to build.


I pump air into eight very flat tires and off we go.


There it is, with the dark green railings. The track to Fort Road is on the right. Previously, you’d have to come out at Fort Road and ride on the roads alongside cars to get to the Gardens. 

There are plenty of cyclists huffing up and zipping down the overpass; its sort of a gentle triangle in profile.


Day and Jo want to go on to the gardens beyond but Lu isn’t having any of it. She has a nasty time of it, her stamina is still pitiful, and I’m grateful she even made it to the overpass. 


We're going to have to find some way of getting her fit.

* Lu: Can we go home NOW?

Her high point, I think, is when she spots this little mouse carcass (sorry, gory).


She brightens up: Can we bring it home and stuff it?


Anonymous said...

Lol... sai sai lup. Jun

Sher said...

some things dont change!