Sunday, July 05, 2015

sg50 lego

I go to school to fetch the kids and I see that every student going home is holding a box in their hands.


Unbelievably, it’s a box of Lego. Even more unbelievably, I see some bits of Lego on the floor, carelessly dropped by careless students.

The Lego is a SG50 gift to every student in Singapore, from primary to tertiary level and over 600,000 sets will be given out. Lucky, lucky us.

Each set has 244 pieces of Lego which allow the construction of three different models: The Cavenagh Bridge, Changi Control Tower, and the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay.


But because there are three of them (the luxury of a trio!) we get to make all three at the same time.


Do we need three boxes? Probably not. Like profiteering people out there, we could sell them for a pretty price.

But I think it’s only right that we keep them for posterity. Day, Jo and Lu can pass them on to their children.

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Sam said...

Wow, the government has money to spend!