Wednesday, August 19, 2015

back crack

When Jo takes breaks, she likes to crack her fingers, her toes, her back. I think it relaxes her. And she loves cracking the fingers and toes of other people around her, namely me, Day and Lu. She grabs our digits and gleefully cracks them, one by one, while counting off: One, two, three… If it doesn’t crack she feels like she’s failed.

I stopped her. Because I hate having my joints cracked. My violin teacher used to crack my fingers relentlessly, torturing my fingers forward until my finger tips could almost touch the bottom of my palm and he heard a resounding crack. Day and Lu hated having their joints cracked too. And it’s really not nice having your toes cracked.

What really stopped Jo was when I told that cracking the finger and toe joints will enlarge them. She, a stickler for aesthetics, immediately stopped cracking, cold turkey.

But she continues to crack her back. Every time she does it, I hear a very scary ‘KAK’. Urgh. I think it’s gym which is doing strange things to her poor bones. Like so. (cracks can't be heard though)

* Me and my back arched to the max which made Jo laugh very loud. Again.

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