Friday, August 21, 2015

bubbles in his coke

I mused aloud the other day: In everything he does, Day’s attitude is a bit like the bubbles in a cup of Coke.

The bubbles really come on strong, and are quite an impressive sight when you pour your first cup. But then after a while the bubbles disappear and it goes flat.

Bottomline: For everything which he tries out, he makes an impressive debut then peters off.

I’m hopeful one day he’ll find something which continues to give him a high.

For now, though, lately, I realized the one thing in which he’s showed the greatest persistence and staying power, was in asking me to buy him a new laptop. (surprise, surprise)

Lu dropped our already-ancient laptop on the floor – it was too heavy – and it died. KK and I were thrilled, because it means there’s no more laptop which Day can cart off to play his current beloved Team Fortress. (one of those role-play shooting blood-all-over-the-place games)

But Day attacked me with a vengeance. He beseeched, he pleaded, he played emotional games. (by begging then walking off with a sigh – never mind, mama - and a weary look in his eyes)

What made me think twice was the fact that just before the laptop was dropped, I had weaned Day off to only playing two days a week and he happily stuck to it, while working hard the other five days. It had become a reward of sorts.

Without the laptop, there was nothing else I could offer him. It’s sad but true. Despite all that I have tried to do since the day he was born (which is what I reckon all mums today try to do - reduce TV and computer exposure, read books, outdoors experiences etc) he has become a product of the times. This unfortunate generation are simply unable to engage in healthier and more fulfilling activity on their own, sans their screens. 

Did I really expect that he would read more books? Write stories on his own? Do some art and craft? Do housework? Play with his sisters? Reflect on life? Do a good deed? Study? Learn something new on his own?

It’s a pipe dream! Even if I took him out, he rolls his eyes at most things. So if I said - we’re going to the museum, do you want to take a book to write about some of the most interesting things you see there? – his eyes would roll up. Then he’d look at me beseechingly and say: Mum, are you going to buy me the laptop?

So I bought it. To give his life some fizz. For two days of the week.


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