Tuesday, August 25, 2015


KK’s latest obsession: Chia seeds.

These kind of look like the seeds you feed to birds, they come in black or white, and magically develop a jelly-like coat once it gets wet. It’s supposedly one of those great health foods which is loaded with nutrients.

* The jelly 'halo' around each seed

My folks are health nuts and they’ve been dropping chia seeds into their drinking water for some time.

When we went to Melbourne, they stocked up on a suitcase-full of chia seeds (much cheaper there) and I took a pack for fun. But once KK started on it, he couldn’t stop. He adores the jelly-like crunch of the seeds which he drops into all sorts of hot sweet drinks – chrysanthemum, longan-red date.

The kids don’t care much for it. I only drop it in water. We all gawp when KK prepares his drinks: There are so many of the seeds in there it’s a chia seed sea.


Of course, we finished our pack in a week and he’s gone on to buy the seeds from Cold Storage, where it costs something like $40 for 500 grams. Shudder.


Anonymous said...

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Sher said...