Monday, August 17, 2015

jap cleaning sponges

I’m a mediocre housewife. So when I read a piece by a male columnist in an entertainment magazine on a magical white-coloured Japanese cleaning sponge which he and his two female house-mates went ga-ga over, I was determined to get it. 

Because it only requires water, its easy to use and I can throw away the sponge after use (I don't have to clean it, you know, the way you have to clean your cleaning cloths which I HATE. Yes, I hate cleaning dirtied cleaning devices...)

I didn’t know where to buy it from, but it was stored at the back of my mind.

Then I went to the $2 shop Daiso. Trawling through the shelves, the girls and I were at Household, and they asked me what everything was, because everything looks quite alien, right. Puzzled, they pointed to a pack of white sponges and suddenly it clicked!


When I got home and ripped open the pack I felt like I was unwrapping a present.

When I tested the sponge on our grotty light switches, toilet seat rims, bathroom tiles, refrigerator, I felt like I had gotten another Agnes B bag!

(An interesting article here on how it works. Apparently its like super-fine sandpaper...)

* Previously un-removable stain


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