Thursday, August 27, 2015

jo’s gep test

Months before the event today, I took pre-emptive measures.

When Jo first came back muttering something about a GEP test, I bent down and looked her in the eye: Jo, it’s just a fun test. There’s lots of fun questions about patterns and stuff. So go in, do your best, and have fun!

The weeks passed. Every so often, she revealed new glimmers of insights she has about the GEP test, which is given to every P3 kid.

“Mummy, isn’t it good to get into the GEP so I can go into a good school?
But didn’t you get into the GEP, mummy? If you can get in, so can I, right?
Do I have to study? What can I study?

In the lead-up to the test, she was stressed. And the night before the test, just before I tucked her in bed, she looked at me tearfully: Mummy I don’t even know how to do my fractions properly. Like, how do I add up 1/8 and 5/10? How, how, HOW?

I confess. I didn’t have a good response. It was the last straw in a day of constant worrying about the impending test and I completely freaked out and yelled because it was so unnecessary, and she was costing herself a good night’s sleep as well as my sanity.

Then I thought: What if she were my mother? What if I had a crazy xiao-on mum who wanted me to take the GEP test seriously, and I refused to?

Gosh. That seems to be the more usual scenario, no? Still, fundamentally, when mums and kids don’t match, it gets frustrating.

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