Friday, August 07, 2015

lonely plane parade

These days there are activity divides in the family. The kids are old enough to decide what they want to do, even Lu who quite remarkably knows exactly what she wants, so sometimes, as much as I wish the family could do things TOGETHER, we split up.

SG 50, there a whole bunch of things happening island-wide, all very attractive. Me, I’m the perpetual Out person (some things don’t change).

KK is still the perpetual In person.

I’d be happy to go hop around outside, joining in the throngs for singing of cheesy songs, wearing red and taking public transport (to avoid parking jams). KK just wants to stay home and chill out.

I think about it: The only thing I really want to do, is to see the fireworks and the fighter jets painting pictures in the sky (perhaps I like looking up. If it’s in the sky everyone can see, you don’t have to fight with anyone for a good view).

Jets first. I show the kids lots of videos, of the team training, of the formations they can do. My hope is to get them excited so they will want to cycle with me.

Actual day: No one wants to come! Well, Jo does, but she desperately wants at least one sibling to come along with her and Day and Lu don’t want to sweat. I also think she doesn’t want to miss out on whatever KK does with them (which turns out to be eating at a cafe then shopping at Uniqlo).

So I go alone. I schlep on the hat, long sleeved shirt (broiling sun when I set out), pump up the tires and cycle to the Marina Barrage. When I leave the house, Jo is in tears. I don't think she likes the family being 'split up' and she would have liked very much for me to give up and stay home. But no. I won't.

* My 'companions'

It’s a bit lonely, but the good thing is that I am unenbumbered. I go as fast as I want, there is no child to look out for, and when it starts drizzling when I get there, I’m quite thankful they didn’t come along.


The planes couldn't show off much because of the threatening downpour and heavy cloud veils. But I discover later that one of the crazier stunt planes is piloted by a young man who used to be KK's windsurfing buddy, I'm glad I saw him doing his loops.


To more solo expeditions!

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