Thursday, August 13, 2015

mummy intent

Jo sort of started it. These days, she frequently tells me – Mummy, if I were you I wouldn’t let my child do that. (She says it if I make them re-wear school uniforms or re-use old things, or if I am what she deems as being overly permissive.)

So I decided to interview her about it. And this is the kind of mum that she, at age nine, wants to be. I hope she reads it when she does have kids:

I won’t let my children eat sweets.
I won’t let my children eat chips.
I won’t let my children drink fizzy drinks.
I won’t let my children eat Macs.
(Wait, but will that mean they are missing out?)

I won’t let my children watch TV. No. Well, only the news because that’d make them smarter right?
I will give them mobile phones, but only when they are in secondary school and I’ll check it every week to see what they are playing.
I’ll buy them lots of assessment books so they can do well in school.
If they scored 17 upon 30 for a test, I’d scream at them.  If they still don’t do well, I’ll try to find out what’s happening in class.

Then I ask: Jo, do you want me the sort of mum that you want to be to your child?

And she says: Er, no.

Lu is in on the same conversation and goodness me, she aspires to be a completely different sort of mum from her sister. She says:

I want to be a kind mum.
I want to be a fun mum. I will bring them to the museum and let them discover new things, or bring them to the library and help them choose books. I won’t be like you, mama, leaving all the kids to find their own books.

I think they shouldn’t go to school also. I think I will teach them myself at home. (to which Jo yells: Oh my God, that is the worst idea!)

* Lu Mum will bleat gently while Jo Mum will ram her message home!


francesca said...

The things the girls say are so cute. I'll interview mine later :p

Lysithea said...

Sounds like lyrics to a song :)

Zhiwei said...

How about Day Daddy?

I should interview my daughter too!!

Sher said...

ya u should! she won't believe what she said when she's older.