Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Ta da! This time it's for real.


Jo said she couldn’t see what her teacher was writing on the board in class.

So the kids and I carried out an ‘eye test’ at home. We discover that while Day, Lu and I can read the fine print of Young Scientist from 2 metres away, Jo can’t.

How odd. Jo hardly watches TV, is seldom glued to mobile phone screens, and she has very healthy reading habits (bright lights, sitting up straight, book 30cm away, so on and so forth. She’s very correct about these things)

I brought Jo in to the spectacle shop two months ago. The folks at that shop said she didn’t need specs.

But Jo still couldn’t see. I brought her in to another spectacle shop. This time, they pronounced that she needed a pair.


Not only that, she has an intermittent squint. If she looks far, one eye tends to wander off to the left. I didn’t think the long-ago issue would matter, not after the polyclinic doc told me it was fine, but according to the spec shop lady, we need to 'monitor' it because her eyes are taking turns to focus, and she needs anti-fatigue glasses.

Whatever. I won’t mess with myopia. Degrees: 100 and 150 which doesn't sound very high, but I'm quite astounded by how much worse her long-distance sight is compared to mine. (now I have an idea what those people with 1,000 degree eyes have to live with. Gosh)

Damage: $380, urgh. Aren’t kid’s spectacles supposed to be really cheap?

Anyway, I leave alone her in the shop to choose her frame while I pick Day up from school, and when I come back in 45 minutes (he was late), she had set her heart on a purple pair. She threw out the black, pink and red choices which they presented to her. 

She gets the specs a week later. She puts them on, experimentally toggles them up and down, and she lights up whenever the specs are down. Her eyebrows go up, her eyes widen and she grins so wide I can see two rows of teeth: Mummy I didn’t know my eyesight was so bad until I got this pair of specs! (I think her vision hasn't been this clear in a long time) But I don’t want to be a nerd, mummy!

She was told to wear it at all times. But I have this (perhaps irrational) fear that she gets dependent on it. And her eyesight worsens as a result.

Her first day in school with the specs, she comes back frowning. She had a terrible headache after looking through lenses for half a day.

Jeez, why? I really don’t know specs.

* Showing KK her specs

* KK trying on her specs, to her great dismay


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion... Bring her to the National Eye Centre for a through examination. They will put eye drops on her etc.

Anonymous said...


Sher said...

oh, ok. thanks! will follow up.

Debra said...

That's expensive for a pair of children's glasses. I pay about $150 for my son's (he is on his 4th pair in 2 years!) - from Jamco Optical at Katong Shopping Centre. Good to go for a proper assessment at NEC if possible - long wait time though, both for the appointment and to see the doctor on actual day. And headaches are common when they are first adjusting to the glasses.

Sher said...

yeah! i thot so too. its just tt the shop is downstairs, so easy.

Dee.. said...

make a trip to KL on coach and buy a few pairs of good specs with good lens. Even if you make one pair, it is worth the trip! It is half price!! Or get anyone to make a prescribed pair for you when they are on business trip! maintain contact with the shop in KL, they will make a pair for you when the degree changes and they can mail to you!

Sher said...

kl: wow tt seems way out! unless i'm in kl for other reasons doubt i'd tolerate a coach ride there to get specs. unless i make it a point to go there and stock up on lots of things..