Saturday, August 08, 2015

nday babies

During our National Day weekend, we are invited to two parties.

Eva who is born on 9 August turns 6! 


She has a beach party. I dump the kids there and head off for a gig. Thankfully, I think they behave.

The poppet, their one and only first cousin, has turned precocious. I’ll let the captions do the talking.

* Liyen with us, step-sister, mum (KK's sister) and daddy

* Jo still loves Liyen to bits. And Liyen now does the two-year-old's smile with the squeezed-shut eyes, wrinkled nose and showing two full rows of tiny teeth. Exactly like Jo on her 2nd birthday.

* Liyen's biggest fans (she doesn't have very many photos with Day or Lu, and certainly not me because no one takes photos of me)

* Liyen hates KK because he unfailing grabs her from her mummy. Here he is trying to woo her back with lollipops and mobile phone entertainment. She's still suspicious.

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